Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thirsty Thursdays:

This weeks Thirsty Thursdays is indeed a classic! The ceasar, or sometimes called the bloody mary, is a Clamato based cocktail... I must say, as far as my experience goes, Clamatos slogan deems true: "when you see one, you want one". In my opinion there is definitely a right way in pouring a ceasar, and that being said, the more pickled vegetables you can add in, or garnish the drink with, the better! As far as ceasars go around these parts, i would have to recommend ordering one up at the 'Crazy Cactus'. This tropical themed bar, on Ruth street in Saskatoon goes out of their way to deliver something different than your typical bar mixed ceasar. Starting with their home made rimmer and all the way to their home made hot pepper sauce that lingers in the bottom of the glass (the more you stir the drink up, the spicier it gets!). Anyways enough with the plug, here is my rendition of the classic ceasar, and incase anyone was wondering... if you proudly follow these steps, you can definitely say you're 'doing it right'.
To start, I apologize for this gurthless photo above...
the ceasar above looks very medium.

Your going to want to start by rimming the glass...
(a sliced lime around the edge always does the trick)
Throw a couple ice cubes in there,
throw the lime in if you want... or garnish on the side...
and from here you can go two routes:

2 oz of Vodka
2 oz of Gin (yes GIN!.. try it!)
(and heck if you wanna throw more liquor in there you may as well)

followed by:
-A solid few shakes of tabasco sauce
-A few shakes of worcester sauce
-Fill to the rim with Clamato

(another SECRET trick is to add a ounce of pickle juice
in there... it does go nicely but CAN be overdone...)

Garnish with 1 or ALL (all would be doing it right) of the following:

Celery/Asparagus - OK, but pretty typical
Olives - Acquired taste, and oh so delicious
Pickles - Who the hell doesnt love pickles?

Basically Pickled anything: Hot Peppers, Beans, Carrots, Asparagus, etc.
(the gurthyer the better if you know what i mean)

And Whella!.. Impress, Enjoy, and Repeat.

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