Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Victoria!

A great local band from right here in Saskatoon starring the ever rythmic Chris Morien along with Lyzanne Foth, Will Quiring, and Brynn Krysa. They recently had a party celebrating the release of their new CD. Some/most would go as far as to say that they had a CD release party. They have now jumped the bar of awesome and landed right into the ever soft land of totally bro by making it available for all of you lucky folks to listen too fo free!
Check the link below!

and if you really enjoy it you can also buy it.
Support the independent music scene we love.

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  1. So stoked on Oh Victoria! Got to see Lyzanne play a local show in Saskatoon a few years back, such a real musician. The Den's impeccable taste in music continues to impress.. props boys!