Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays:

This weeks 'Thirsty Thursday' consists of Lemonade mixed with sweet tea. A delicious concoction that is said to be invented by one of the greatest golfers in history, Arnold Palmer, hence the commonly used name of the drink.

Lemonade mixed with sweet tea AND VODKA is an even more delicious drink named after the alcoholic, chain-smoking, drug-taking, bad-ass golfer that is John Daly. Its tough not to be thinking of summer in this cold weather... and this drink would go very well with good weather, good friends, and good times on the course!

One part Lemonade and
One part VODKA

Throw in some
Ice &
Lemon wedge to look classy.

***Also look out for
Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka,
this is
a great addition/substitution
for tea and vodka... produced by Jeremiah Weed.***

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