Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Racking my brain for a unique and equally awesome drink I remembered and ol favorite and couldn’t wait to retell the story of its birth. Here is a Grizzly Den classic, home grown and formally known as the Deep Blue Sea

It all started on a Sunday morning of Aug Long 2 summers ago at the Chad’s cabin. After a long Saturday (both night and day), consuming a healthy of amount of beers along with a few magnaflowed Busch nightcaps courtesy of Clint Priel before bed we were not feeling 100%. Waking up to the sound of a cracked beer by chase Donovan and I could not help but taste the reminiscence of last nights party, dry and stale in our morning mouths. As beers were offered the idea of more dry liquid yeast and barley did not sound like what we needed at the time. So we decided to whip up some drinks. After raiding our cooler and freezer we came up with 3 items. Blue Poweraid, Fresca, and Raspberry Vodka. We weren’t sure what we were in for but began to mix. In the end a bright blue tasty, tropical treat was born but still something was missing. Donovan then spotted a lime on the windowsill. After a quick slice and squeeze the rest was history. Nurturing our hangovers while steadily getting drunker for our last day of Aug long to come. Use wisely.

1 Part Rum (or vodka)

1 Part Fresca

1 Part Blue Powerade

1 Lime slice (or Orange slice)

The Deep Blue sea is always a great dip.

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