Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays:

Today is the most beautiful day so far this spring... On days like today, the best thing you could possibly be doing is picking up a nice bottle of something and mixing you and your friends a tasty drink that will last you all afternoon. Yes I am talking about... The Infamous, ALL PORPOUS JAR BEVERAGE... For this you will need a few supplies... Starting with a 26 of liqour. This can really be pretty much anything you want, and pretty much everything has been done in the past... Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, You name it! Your also going to want some fruit juices or soda, but fruit juices being way more important than pop. You can go order your rum and coke at the bar for crying out loud. Im talking goooood stuff... Here are some mixes that have been done in the past: Vodka, Citrus, Soda... Gin, Pink Lemonade, Soda.... Tequila, Iced Tea, Brown Sugar... The list goes on... The point is you wanna get things going with something new, get some pink grapefruit in there, perhaps with some soda and a splash of cran. Get creative. The other thing that is absolutely essential to a good ol' Afternoon JAR mix, is cut up fruit... lemons, oranges, strawberries, grapefruits... Who cares if it adds to the flavor, it looks cool, and everyone will know your doing it right... One time we didn't have fruit, we added cucumber to a gin soda concoction, worked out great! You will also need a helluva lot of ice cubes, and you may as well use some of the snow thats left to mix in there too. Heres a photo of what it could look like... this is seeming like an iced tea tequila mix. Whats wrong with the photo below here is you never want to put a lid on the jar, and you always want to have your bottle upside down in the mix at all times, then you can add as much booze as you like, and it will mix down with the drink as you dispense the liqour... as theres more room in the jar, obviously you just add more booze, good to start with like half of the bottle in there for sure. Wow, ok... you know the drill.

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