Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chris Is Thirsty And It's Thursday:

Just sitting in the hot tub after a long shitty nightshift in the Grinding plant at work. 7 hours straight trying to unplug the SAG chute..sweat, blood, broke a 50 ton over head crane.. Anyways im soaking in this tub waiting for my plane, listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan of course, and i'm thinking how nice it would be if the bar was still open up here, go have a few beers, sleep for a few hours, hop on a plane and get home and have a few cases of beers. but since its not i guess ill go to bed thirsty..BUT i found this legit snap of Jackie Chan gettin on the liquor big time, a sneak preview of the antics we'll be getting up to this eve. i hear mervin ING is comming to town to get straight merved. my foot is healed from the stitches i got from stomping a bottle like a bitch, (i wish i was like yellow mike back when he wasn't such a bitch.) so maybe ill step my game up and stomp like a vet tonight, traded the nice supple soles of the circas for the bottle stompin souls of these fallens. anyways im just rambling on about nothing and its really hot in this hot tub. anyways we'll be on the piss sooner than later so if your not a bitch like yellow mike we'll see you on the liquor train tonight..ten fooour.

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