Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer plans!

Hey Folks. I have had a lot of people asking me and with all the support I recieved I feel it only fair to let you all know now! This is a tie up on what is going down for me this summer.

I have had so much support and would like to extend my most sincere thank you to everyone who showed their support to me throughout this whole ordeal! Your guys messages, letters, and emails really kept me up when I was feeling quite low. Although I have not been let back into the competition I think it may have bee...n for the best. Through this experience I have been offered a new job at the Daily Herald (The newspaper in Prince Albert). With this job I will have an even better opportunity of giving you guys some real entertainment this summer! I will be doing a very similar style of work by going to events, filming taking photos, interviewing people, and writing articles. All of this will be going onto the Daily Herald website!

I am currently creating my schedule for the summer, choosing when and where I will be going! With this I'd love to extend a favor from anyone who cares to help! If you have any ideas of an awesome place that is somewhere in Saskatchewan, (preferably close to Prince Albert as this job will be pertaining more to Prince Albert and area, but I am open to anything!) I'd love to hear them!

I have recently created a Twitter so if you have any suggestions on places and/or events you think I should be at let me know via Facebook or Twitter!!/saskyskies

Thank you again to everyone! I love you all!!!
Nathan Emanuel Thoen

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