Monday, October 24, 2011

Motorcycle Monday (Moped Edition)

Today I thought we'd showcase this badass scooter of our pal and GD alum Becky!
Nothing better then cruising in Van on a gorgeous night on this beauty! Best line was while driving on East Hastings Becky said "watch out for people jumping in front of you, lots of people try to get settlements any way possible". Not a minute later we had to dodge a bro in his shopping cart who flew out in front of us and as I recall we might have ran over a highheel shoe as well. In my mind this is the only way to truly take it in the sights and sounds of any big city!
Me and Jaz broing it out and quite likely exceeding the maximum weight limit on the ol Jazz.
Finally if you don't know Becky you should. Just look at how good good this GD beater makes her look. Speaking of which if any babes or bro's would like a beater I still have a couple left and would be happy to sell you one! Contact me for more information on colours and sizes!