Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big White New Features

As we know the boys back in Sask got the Lil Red up and open last weekend! I have heard some rumours of an opening edit in the makes so keep your eyes out. But for us out here in the Okanagan Big White is opening on Thursday! Big White x Stepchild worked together this year to build two brand new features.

Joe Sexton and the Stepchild team designed this handrail to the be the perfect park handrail.
A 2' flat donkey x 30' down x 2' flat donkey at 2' high

E-man helped Neff design a 2 piece feature that can be setup in many ways for endless possibilities.

Also Deviate and Island Snow worked together for a new feature again this year. 15 stair set, including a down bar and down box. So stoked for all of it!

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