Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays:

Remember drinking your sugary cereal flavor absorbed milk at the bottom of your bowl as a kid? Why not just make that in a big batch... Get it stirring really nice in a big bowl, strain all your soggy cereal out, and keep the flavored milk... keep it chilled, and use for white russians along with other milky alcoholic beverages... Because its genius, thats why... Im talking, heck... try them all, lucky charms, captain crunch, nesquick, whatever. Coupled with black russian, vodka, and ice. Or heck, throw some rum in there, get creative... even throw a bit of fresh cereal for garnish. Boom. Some late night comfort with a hint of your childhood past to remember where it all started.

Also, I would have to agree here that this is probably quite accurate:

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