Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thirsty Thursdays:

So I figured, that I should just run with this watermelon theme for this week... And rock out some sort of watermelon beverage concoction. Everyone has probably done up vodka watermelon's before, and I just watched a kind of amusing video of two flamboyant individuals showing how thats done, but its just too obvious and really, not Den material... BUT, these guys here... got a tap going, on a watermelon.. with booze and what not, watermelon madness? I dont know... but I like how it's less fragile than the old 'All Porpoise Jar' that I used to have (rip)... and it basically does the same gig!

And here is a kick-ass sea turtle watermelon carved fruit salad/bowl:
Because everyone knows sea turtles and watermelons
and fruit salads are all real groovy and what not.

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