Saturday, October 20, 2012

JakPak Wearable Tent

Check out this awesome personal tent that is built right into the jacket!


  1. On the off chance that you ever saw the cutting edge African safari motion picture Congo, you most likely know where the best in class in travel gadgetry is - tent aeration and cooling systems, laser finders to catch creatures meandering excessively close, etc. There is another approach to voyaging as well, and that includes roughing it.

  2. We as a whole know, with regards to pressing up for a lengthy drive on your bicycles, space for capacity is a major test. So envision my enjoyment when I saw the JakPak, a waterproof coat that can likewise be changed into a resting pack then additionally a small scale tent essentially empowering me take away a few major and space-expending gear from my 'things to bring' list.

  3. I have always wanted one of these! I'm glad you finally found it. I guess I should have wrote it sooner. Thanks for reading.